What is Amumba?

Amumba is a social mentoring platform that rewards students for doing the basic things they need to do to flourish in all aspects of their young lives. Any task - from homework, to reading, to household chores - can earn the students rewards that will motivate them to achieve.

What is a Mentee?

A Mentee is a student. Mentees are responsible for creating accomplishments and reminder posts, as well as meeting challenges.

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor can be anyone that cares about the success of a student (Mentee). They can be parents, teachers, or even close friends and relatives. Mentors are responsible for rewarding and challenging Mentees.

What is an Approver?

Approvers are the parents, teachers, and guardians of the Mentees. Approvers validate (or ‘Approve’) posts created by Mentees. Once the post is approved, Mentors can reward Mentees for their accomplishments. All Approvers are also Mentors, but not all Mentors are Approvers.

How Do I Become an Approver?

1. Sign up to become a Mentor.
2. Request Approver connection with your Mentee.
3. The connection request will be reviewed by Amumba staff.

Why does Amumba review Approver connections?

Approvers give credibility to the posts they approve. In order to ensure the integrity of the system, we verify that each Approver is a parent or teacher of the Mentee and that s/he is qualified to approve a Mentee’s posts within a given category.

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